Q: Can non-Hong Kong residents incorporate a Hong Kong Limited company?

Yes. According to the law, both Hong-Kong and non-Hong Kong residents are free to incorporate a local limited company. If you’re not familiar with the incorporation procedure, we advise you to contact local solicitors, accountants, or secretarial firms who can guide you throughout the process and act on your behalf to set up your Hong Kong company. At Starx Biz, we provide this as a one-stop service for all our clients.

Q: Can the headquarters/registered office of my company be located outside Hong Kong?

No, as per the law, the registered office must be situated in Hong Kong. As part of our Hong Kong company formation service, we at Starx Biz will also provide you with a virtual office.

Q: What kind of company name can I use?

There are no limitations on the company name you can use, with the following exceptions:

  • It must not be identical to a name already appearing in the Index of Company Names kept by the Registrar of Companies ("the Registrar").
  • It must not be identical to a corporate body established under an Ordinance.
  • In the opinion of the Registrar, the use of the name must not constitute a criminal offense or
  • Be offensive or otherwise contrary to the public interest.

A vital step to incorporating your Hong Kong limited company is obtaining the Registrar’s approval. You might want to familiarise yourself with the words and expressions in the Companies (Words and Expressions in Company Names) Order (Cap. 622A): these are names which are likely to give the impression that your company is connected to the Central People's Government or the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region or any department or agency of either government.

Q: Is it necessary that my company name includes the word “limited”?

Yes, by law all Hong Kong limited company names must include “limited” in the last word. Exceptions may apply (such as your company is an approved charity under s.88).

Q: What are the tax rates I’ll need to pay?

The tax rates are as it follows:

  • Dividends 0%
  • Interest 0%
  • Royalties 4.95% / 16.5%
  • Branch Remittance Fees 0%
  • Profit Tax 8.25% / 16.5%

Q: Are there any tax exemptions for Hong Kong companies?

If your company is operated outside Hong Kong and fulfills several conditions, you may be eligible for a tax exemption. We recommend contact us to discuss your case.

Q: Can I register my company in Hong Kong without physically visiting it?

Absolutely. The entire process is executed digitally. To get started, fill in the application form via our website and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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