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From start-ups to large enterprises, we at Starx Biz specialize in providing top-of-the-line corporate services with rapid turnaround time. Our team leverages years of experience in tax and accounting, company formation and management, and more to deliver outstanding results for measurable growth. Pave your business’ way to success today.



Take advantage of a leading, well-established global market and an easy to navigate the legal system: start your company in Hong Kong. The bustling heart of financial markets, Hong Kong offers a myriad of unpreceded opportunities for savvy start-up and established business owners, including:

•    Low and simple tax system
•    Unrestricted business growth
•    Favorable tax rates
•    No dividend tax or capital gain tax
•    No profit tax if the income has a verifiable source outside Hong Kong
•    The world’s freest economy and trade

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Knowledge is power: learn how to manage your business, minimize your expenses, and grow your revenues with premier Xero Cloud Accounting solutions, provided by Starx Biz. 
Why choose Xero Cloud Accounting:

•    Multiple layers of security to protect your business reputation and your revenues
•    Compatible with any device
•    Mobile compatibility with iOS and Android
•    Easy, simplified invoicing feature
•    Multi-currency
•    Direct connection to your bank – pay bills and receive payments instantly
•    Create purchase orders and claim expenses with ease


Ready to take your business in control? Take advantage of our limited time offer: get a free 1 month with every 1-year Xero Cloud Accounting subscription!

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Tax Planning

Reap the advantages of the world’s freest market with cutting-edge tax services, provided by Starx Biz. Maximize your tax benefits and uncover opportunities for more growth. Our seasoned tax advisors will help you plan and execute your next step.


Hong Kong Corporate Management

Achieve Your Goals

Take your business to the next level with the leading Hong Kong corporate management services. With years of experience, our staff brings you the capabilities and business acumen to take your business to the next level. From strategizing to streamlining your internal processes, we work around the clock to manage our clients’ business and pave the way to their success.